Ready, Set, Grow

November 17, 2013

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Have you ever felt like your team or organization has grown flat or stagnant?
Does it seem like you have plateaued in your personal or corporate growth?

Scott Wilson faced the same issue in his church. They would rise above a certain number of people, always to come back to the same baseline. He recounts a three-year journey he took his key leaders on in his book, Ready, Set Grow!: Three Conversations That Will Bring Lasting Growth to Your Church

I must say I was surprised by this book.

I am not a pastor or a church leader but rather engage in other forms of ministry and leadership.

I found this book very interesting because the content and principles can translate to personal life and all kinds of leadership.

Some aspects of the book I enjoyed are:

– It is an actual story, not a leadership fable.
– You get the author’s perspective, but he also includes thoughts from many of the participants.
– The book details the failures and mistakes, not merely the success stories
– It is simple yet profound. The principles are broad enough to be tailored to other uses.
– He embarks on a three-year journey, not a quick fix.

Scott Wilson’s premise was to take his staff from being workers, turn them into equippers, and eventually grow them into multipliers.

Some of the simple, yet profound principles which can be replicated are:

Modeling the life of a continual learner. He simply set a goal for his staff to consume vast amounts of books and Cd’s/Podcasts. This constant hunger for input became contagious.

Mentoring other leaders around you. The second step in growth of a church or ministry leadership team is when you can begin to see others in the team impacted and equipped.

Multiplying. The ultimate success comes when the people you work with begin multiplying themselves.

I enjoyed this book because the process was not a quick fix, but in the words of Eugene Peterson, “a long, slow obedience in same direction.” Wilson was candid about his mistakes and failures. One team member did not buy into the program. This was refreshing to see the success as well as how to overcome the obstacles.

And ultimately….it worked!

The churches goal was to see the level of people being served raise from 650 weekly to 1000. The church currently has over 3000 people each weekend.

What are you doing to be a continual learner? Would you call yourself a worker, an equipper, or a multiplier?


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Ready, Set Grow!


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