I Want To Read The Bible More

I’ve had a lot of history with reading the Bible. I teach it, I study it, and I do desire others to love it more. In my years I’ve tried many a Bible reading plan.

You know, the ones with the beautiful little boxes you can check off after reading! Those boxes that make you feel like you have done your duty to God and country, yet don’t help you remember what you read 10 minutes after closing your beautiful, leather-bound study Bible!

I used to read the passages in the reading plan and check them off. Somehow, checking them off made me feel good. But, if I missed a day, I felt horrible.

It was almost as if I was trying to manipulate God, paying my dues so He would bless me.

I had to stop doing these plans years ago due to my battle with legalism and performance.

A few years ago I decided to take the plunge again. I thought I might have grown enough to handle the potentially guilt-inducing plan.


I saw a recommendation on Facebook from a friend about the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan.

There were a few things that were attractive about it. It worked on 25 day months, giving a cushion for breaks or the unplanned. You were reading from four different portions of Scripture at the same time, rather than plowing through from front to back.

I decided to give it a try.

I loved it!

I couldn’t’ believe how enjoyable it was. First of all, it did not take long. I often could read ahead simply by finishing the chapter I was in. There is no pressure to perform each and every day. Even if something jumped off the page, I had the freedom to pause and soak it all in without the fear of falling behind.

We all want to read the Bible more! We want to grow in our desire to do this out of love and gratitude rather than duty and obligation.

The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan is the way to go. (Here’s a picture of a portion of the plan)

So, here is the challenge. Start Today!!

What? It is nearly February! I am already a month behind!

Just start.

It is not hard to catch up on this plan. Even the slowest readers could catch up by March at the latest.

You know you want to do it.

Take the plunge – step out and read the Bible from cover to cover this year. Even if you don’t quite reach the full goal, is there any harm in reading it more over the next weeks and months?

God’s love for us is not depended upon how much we read the Bible. Jesus settled that.

Out of a loving response to HIs grace we have the opportunity to know Him more through the Word.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Click on the link above and get yourself a copy of the checklist. Start today. You’ll be amazed how little time it takes. Maybe you’ll do two days worth.

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2 responses to “I Want To Read The Bible More”

  1. What!!!!No comments yet???OK I guess I will give you my 2 cents worth here.We all want to read our Bible more.It is only through a knowledge of His Word that we can grow in Him and that knowledge of the Word keeps us from falling for false teachings and other weird stuff.But,in my years of being a christian I have beaten myself up over not being consistent in reading the word and there are a multitude of plans and programs out there to follow that are suppose to help you but when you do not follow through on them and”get behind” the cycle of being guilty just jumps up and hits you again.I finally came to a point in my life that I read it not because I had to or that I should but because it was part of my love for the Lord and my desire to know Him prompted it.I follow loose plan of 5 chapters of the Old Testament and 5 Chapters of the New Testament and when I finish the New Testament I start on the Psalms and then Proverbs.If I miss some I do not get into a funk anymore ,there are days like that and I just do not beat myself up over it.This works for me but might not work for everybody.It is the way my time is and my life is but everybody’s life is not like mine and your plan might work perfectly for others.The point for me is to be as consistent as I can and soak up every Word like a sponge and chew on it all through the day..As many times as I have read the Bible through I find something new or something jumps out at me and the Lord pokes me and says….”Pay attention to this”What a wonderful adventure…what a wonderful love that covers us!…Lavern

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience Lavern! I am sure many can relate to you. Good to hear from you!