The Force of More (with Giveaway!)

September 8, 2013

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We all feel it.

The relentless pull of more.

It affects us in our finances and material possessions. The new car, the upgraded cell phone, or just a bit more space in our home.

The pull compels us in our jobs. Reach for that new promotion, open a new branch of the ministry, or it encourages you to take the risk you really should not.

From the moment we are born, the pull of more affects all of us.

I see it in my parenting, prompting my kids to work a little harder or succeed (in my eyes) a bit more on the sports field.

Unknowingly, unwittingly we are creating achievement addicts.

As we turn our attention to our spiritual lives, the draw of more sucks us in like a black hole envelops stars.

When is the last time we felt like we were doing well?

Do we pause to recognize the areas of growth in our lives, or is it merely onto the next mountain to conquer?

Are we content in our relationship with God, or do we feel the need for something greater?

More is not all bad.
It inspires us, it propels us, and it can help us put action to our faith.

But like all good things, there is a dark side where more becomes too much.

More becomes striving, perfectionism, and performance.
More beats ourselves and others up over countless failures.
More feels like you can never quite please the One in charge.

This really is the heart of NoSuperHeroes.

The grace of God helps us find the proper place for “more” in our lives, as well as renouncing its improper dwellings.

Grace does compel us to more, but it does so without guilt or condemnation, rather motivating with gratitude and thanksgiving.

This pursuit of more is what is hard-wired into every fabric of our being and our societies.

We need reprogramming. We need heart surgery. We need to realize that the true “more” is what God has done, not what we do!

Putting the pursuit of more into its proper place in our lives is not a one time event which occurs through reading a blog post.

It is a lifelong journey, hearing again and again some of the same truth in new and fresh ways.
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To aid in this journey, I would like to offer readers a giveaway. I would like to give away multiple copies of my book, Death of the Modern SuperHero: How Grace Breaks our Rules. The more people who enter, the more I giveaway!


Because I believe in the message and power of grace contained in its pages. It’s not a house cleaning project designed to remove boxes of books in the corner of my house! This giveaway will cost me cold, hard cash!

I am doing it because I am absolutely convinced of ongoing power of grace to change our lives. I want to share a resource with the “tribe” at NoSuperHeroes.

Help me pass the word. Engage in the activities below to enter to win. Pass on the details to your friends! Let enlarge this community and together we can break the inappropriate stranglehold “more” has on our lives.

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A missionary teacher for 24 years currently living in South Africa. I am a recovering superhero, daily in need of the grace of God