Losing Our Edge

November 13, 2013

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Ever attempt to dig into a nice juicy steak with a dull knife?

Knives and scissors lose their edge over time, making the work of cutting much more difficult. Regular evaluation and sharpening will keep a knife in peak form to work its magic on your steak!

We speak of businesses or athlete’s losing their edge which previously had set them apart from the field. The athlete who has lost a step or the company who cannot continue churning out wining products quickly become ordinary. Instead of leading the pack, they find themselves apart of it.

Leaders lose their edge too.

We can get weary, worn out, or even lazy at times.

We begin to accept second best, losing the ability to give things our top effort.

Before we realize it, we have lost the plot and are focused on minor issues rather than the major ones.

We are in danger of losing our edge.

I recently finished Brian Dodd’s,The 2-Minute Leader, which he graciously gave me at a recent Catalyst Conference.

In it, Brian shares his list of negative patterns which reveal if he is losing his edge. With his permission, I will share these signs we could be growing dull.

– Becoming too busy or too distracted for daily silence and being alone with God.
– Having a low-level of energy, a physical tiredness that just seems to hang on.
– Patience with people is thin.
– Over-reaction to minor offenses.
– Building relationships with team members has been marginalized and put on the back burner.
– Family is neglected. Others are getting our best, not those to whom we should be closest.
– Not making time for physical exercise.
– Letting things fall through the cracks.
– Being a poor listener for people who deserve our full attention.
– Insensitivity to the plight of the poor or hurting people. The compassion tank is running on fumes.

It is normal and natural to have seasons where we emphasize certain things over others. Sometimes this choice is even intentional, as Andy Stanley, says, we “choose to cheat.

When my kids were young, I purposely de-emphasized exercise. But, if ten years on, I have not brought balance to my life in the area of exercise, my health will reap the consequences.

One of the greatest ways we can promote balance in our teams, is to have it in our own lives.

Are you in danger of losing your edge?

How do you rank on Brian’s list? How many symptoms do you display which could cause you to lose your edge?

Are there any signs you would add to this list? Which of these areas is out of currently balance in your life?

To learn more about the 2 Minute Leader and Brian Dodd, visit www.2minuteleader.com!

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