Let’s Talk About Sex

Valentine Flowers

Valentines Day is nearly upon us. What is the Bible’s perspective on sex and relationships since we hear a lot of other viewpoints. So….”let’s talk about sex…”

How much time do we spend talking about the problems of sex versus the correct place of it in our lives?

Our answer to teenagers asking why they cannot have sex before marriage are often as poor as “because the Bible says so…” These weak answers are not helping anyone.

In Genesis, God mandates sex as a perfect act between one man and one woman, Adam and Eve (Gen 2:24-25). Until sin they did not even realize they were naked, their relationship was pure. Sex was to be exclusive within the marriage relationship. Of course we know that sin entered the picture and corrupted everything, including sex. (Gen. 3)

As we follow the Old Testament, we can see how this perfect union deteriorated. We are not told if each persons action are right or wrong by the author, but we are left to see the consequences that come as a result.

Valentine Flowers
By: Peter & Joyce Grace

We see rape, incest, polygamy and deception all through the pages of Scripture. Rebecca and Leah fought over their husband’s affections. The implication here is that polygamy breeds problems. Their children engage in rape, incest, and deception. This is far from God’s original mandate for the appropriate place of sex, in an exclusive marriage

Solomon is perhaps the greatest, or should we say worst example. He took over 700 wives and 300 concubines! We are told that his many foreign wives led his heart away from serving God (1 Kings 11:3).

The book Song of Solomon is a picture of exclusive love between a man and a women. If Solomon wrote this, it seems this is what he wished to have in his own life, which was so far removed from God’s original mandate in Genesis.

God’s commands on sexual desire are not to keep us from something fun, but to tell us how it is best enjoyed. When He tells us “do not awaken love until its time” (Song. 8:4), it is for our benefit. Read the book of Song of Solomon and see how this couples love is a beautiful and pure thing when kept in its correct context.


  • When we talk to our children and young people about sex, do we give them God’s heart, not just the rules?
  • Find a close friend you can pray with about sexual purity. Whether you are single, engaged, or married; things like lust, sexual sin, and pornography take us away from God’s original mandate.
  • Commit to read the book of Song of Solomon and see a picture of pure sexual love in contrast to the images we are flooded with on a regular basis.

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How do you believe we as a church do in talking about sex? Let the dialogue begin!

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