Let Hope In

Hope connects to so many other topics. In his book, [amazon_link id=”B00C5QA2F0″ target=”_blank” ]Let Hope in: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever[/amazon_link], Pete Wilson hits on many things, so much so there will literally be something for everyone in this book.

He touches on how hope can be hindered by our past, by guilt, shame, and regret.

He also speaks of many attributes which can promote hope in our lives. Things such as trusting god, forgiveness, and love.

The one which challenged me the most is that of gratitude.

Whenever I see things about this topic, I am drawn to them as a magnet is drawn towards steel. I believe it is because this is an area of my life I could grow in.

My wife says I can be negative. I tend towards saying I am realistic. But if I am honest, I know she is right. (wives usually are)

Let me share some of the wisdom Pete Wilson has on the area of gratitude.

Gratitude is also one of the most important and most underrated aspects of our walk with God.

1. Gratitude is silenced by assumptions
When we assume things, it often ends in a negative direction. Assumptions lead us to internal discontent. Gratitude is not a quiet thing, but rather an active force.  Wilson says, “quiet gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

2. Gratitude begins where your sense of entitlement ends
The higher our entitlement the lower our gratitude. Whenever we feel we are owed something, or deserve it, we head down a path of self-centeredness. Gratitude stems from knowing we did not receive what we deserved from God, instead gaining grace.

3. Gratitude is most often about perspective
Grateful people view anything through the eyes of thankfulness. When you choose this, “we let hope into our own lives and let hope in for countless others.”

Couple this with some great thoughts on being fully present in our day-to-day lives, and he had my number. Let me share these simple, yet profound thoughts.

“If you want to learn how to live God’s will for your life, you have to learn to be present in the moment, for that is the only way we seek first the kingdom. And to be present in the moment is to learn how to really trust god with your life.”

Wilson says, “Sometimes we are never where we are. We bypass the joy of today when we center all our focus on yesterday or tomorrow.”

That is so true. How often do we miss the joy of what God is doing in the moment due to being stuck in the past or overly focused on the future. I know I do this.

So my takeaway from Pete’s book is to be grateful in the moment. Practicing gratitude while being fully present in the now.

In this I can let more hope in my life, as well as be a dispenser of hope to others.

All of us can grow in our ability to walk in hope and dispense it to others. I encourage you to pick up this book. He hits hope in enough angles that one or more will speak to us all!

[amazon_image id=”B00C5QA2F0″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Let Hope in: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever[/amazon_image]

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