Leadership is More than a Title

January 18, 2014

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Recently I stepped aside from a leadership post, while still choosing to remain with the organization. This was a process we were engaged in for nearly two years.

Immediately, as the news spread, I was bombarded with questions of ,”What will you do now?”

The implication behind the question said I needed a title or a business card in order to have influence.

I have observed this dilemma in my organization for years. Leaders struggle to let go of their titles for fear they won’t have a platform. Some even invent titles to maintain financial support and influence.

I serve in the non-profit realm. I do realize there are times corporate titles open doors. The type of leadership I am referring to is one of influence. We all know people who have titles, but do not have the respect. Their directives evoke more eye rolling than response.

A business card does not make a leader.

The question remains.

Do we need a title to continue to have influence?

When will we step aside and allow younger leaders the same opportunities which were afforded to us?

To see more of this post, please head over to Joe Lalonde’s leadership site, which empowers young leaders to thrive in a hectic world. Joe is a friend whom I was able to meet this year at Catalyst. He is a great guy and really serves people.

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