Is Christianity True?

With so many religions and talk of all roads leading to the same place, how can we know which one is true? Is Christianity true?

We can be confident Christianity is true for one simple reason.

It is so different and unique when compared to all the other religions.

If man began a religion, human nature would dictate it be focused on man climbing towards God. Inwardly, we feel there must be certain works produced in order to achieve blessing from God.ladder to sky

Surely, fulfilling certain rules and rituals to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger would gain us the acceptance of a higher power.

In this kind of a merit-based, tipping the scales system; one question remains.

How much rule keeping or ritual observing is enough to achieve the standard of the Almighty?

When is enough, enough?


There are no amount of works, faith, or obedience which can measure up to God’s standard of perfection. There can never be assurance when the works we do are the focus.

Culture and society tell us this is the way to success. Most religions echo this “climbing the ladder” mentality.

Christianity plays by different rules.

Instead of man working his way to God, God came down to man.

God gave man the good gifts of salvation, redemption, and righteousness first. If man would have designed this system, we would give these gifts at the end of the journey, not the beginning.

“Be a good boy or girl and maybe, just maybe, you will get the reward.”

Lots of hard work and obedience are involved in other religions, but they never promise we will make it.

“God pronounces believers righteous at the beginning of the course, not the end…it cannot be on the basis of works they have not done yet…but purely an act of God’s grace.”  F.F. Bruce

No man would have come up with this. We would have required meeting a standard first… then the reward comes. Only God gives grace undeserved and unearned.

We can (and often do) attempt to live up to God’s standard. But success is only found when we realize we cannot. We declare failure and accept only Christ can meet the standard of perfection.

This leads to the great reversal.  No longer do we obey and live right to gain something, we follow God because He has given something.

The switch is from earning and deserving, to responding with gratitude and love.

The conclusion can only be one – the source of this faith called Christianity is a gracious God giving good gifts to those who trust Him to do what we cannot do.

Grace makes Christianity unique. Grace makes Christianity true.