Incomplete Grace

August 18, 2013

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Forgiven of all our sins.
Going to heaven.
Free from the shame and guilt of the past.

These are all part of the gift of grace which accompanies faith in Christ for salvation.

But its an incomplete grace.

Prior to receiving grace, we attempted to meet God’s righteous standard by our works. This is impossible. We cannot do this in our own strength.

So we threw up our hands, cried out for mercy, and received grace as a part of salvation.

We now have the forgiveness of sins.
Our destiny is in heaven.

But, grace as merely a one time event in our lives is incomplete.

With this view, we know we are forgiven, but we are left alone to fend for ourselves on planet earth.
We may feel our ticket to heaven has been punched, but how does this grace impact our daily life?

It is true grace is a one time event.
Grace and forgiveness is most assuredly a part of our salvation.

But there is more.

Grace is both an event and a journey.

We need the ongoing work of grace in our lives to receive all that God has for us.

Ongoing grace is a process.
Ongoing grace is a journey with the Giver of Grace who now lives in our hearts.

This grace does not merely say you are forgiven, now try really hard; it says God is with us and for us.
He is working for good on our behalf (Romans 8:28)
He is our ever-present help in time of need.

We have grace and we are receiving grace.
We are saved and we are being saved.
We have forgiveness and are walking out the truth and appropriate response to our forgiveness.

Think of the other truths which relate to the gift of grace and salvation.

I am righteous and I am being made righteous.
I have been redeemed and I am learning to walk consistent with my redemption.
I am holy (Ephesians 1:3) and am in the process of becoming holy.

Grace is both an event and a journey.

If we neglect the journey, grace becomes a past event which has no bearing on our everyday lives.
If we neglect the event, grace switches to an effort based attempt to somehow meet an impossible standard.

This is consistent with the way God works both in the Bible and on Earth today. We see supernatural events as well as HIs commitment to grow us little by little.

Stand firm in the one time gift of grace.
Interact with the Giver of Grace as we journey with Him, allowing ongoing grace to grow us and change us.

How do you interact with the past act and the continual journey of grace in your life?

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A missionary teacher for 24 years currently living in South Africa. I am a recovering superhero, daily in need of the grace of God