Happy Blog Anniversary

Project 366 #141: 200512 Happy Birthday Dave - Sort Of!

Today is my 1 year Blog-i-versary! Happy Anniversary to NoSuperHeroes.

This week we will be reflecting back on the year that was, including reposting some of my favorites. These might not be the most trafficked posts, but ones which reflect the heart and spirit of NoSuperheroes. These posts will be updated as special anniversary editions.

Check back often – there may even be a Giveaway!

At NoSuperHeroes, we engage in a number of topics and how the grace of God affects all of life. We spend time looking at leadership, missions, even parenting in light of the grace of God.

There are also a few resources available to further your study of Grace.:

My first full length published book, Death of the Modern SuperHero: How Grace Breaks our Rules explores how society conditions us to believe we must be extra-ordinary in order to be accepted or succeed. Grace breaks so many of the rules of culture holds dear, telling us the path to success is through trusting rather than performing, through weakness rather than strength, and over the course of time rather than instantaneous.

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Watch this week for my favorite posts. Don’t forget to check back for the giveaway as well!

What has been one of your favorite things on NoSuperHeroes this year?
What would you like to see more (or less) of in the future?

Project 366 #141: 200512 Happy Birthday Dave - Sort Of!
By: Pete

Thank you for making the first year of NoSuperHeroes a great success! Here’s to many more!