Christ is Risen Indeed

When we speak of Christ’s work on the cross, most of our emphasis is on his sacrifice which became the basis for our forgiveness.

But we have a dual problem. Genesis 3 instituted sin and death as consequences for Adam and Eve “breaking the planet.”

The prediction of the Messiah coming to break the curse must include the reversal of BOTH sin and death.

Jesus living the perfect life (Hebrews 4:15) took care of the sin issue.

But death?

No other sacrifice for sin in the Old Testament overcame the power of death. We never saw an animal come back to life after it was offered for sin.

By rising from the dead, Christ fully broke the curse of sin AND death.


The resurrection is key to our salvation and our hope in a future resurrection of eternal life with Christ.

By defeating both sin and death, Christ fixed what humans had broken when Adam and Eve chose their own wisdom over God’s.

In doing so, He completed the repair, allowing God’s ultimate desire to “dwell with us” to be restored.

We broke the planet. Jesus fixed it.

The common greeting on the street in Africa around Easter is one of hope and resurrection.

As we say in Africa:

Christ is Risen.

And the response comes…

He is Risen Indeed

Photo credit: Tomb window and brick repair_2039 via photopin (license)