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  • The Power of a Smile

    I’ve been traveling in the United States for two weeks with my family. We’ve been to numerous restaurants, hotels, and airports as we hit six states in our first ten days in the country. I’ve been struck with the radical difference in customer service from various companies and chains. Southwest Airlines – after flying close to […]

  • Make Moments

    Just as we pulled up to join the convoy of safari vehicles, the leopard we had been tracking jumped from his tree and sped off into the bushes. We just missed our moment. The setting was Krueger National Park in South Africa. I was taking my parents on a safari during their visit to our […]

  • Benefits for Missionaries Who Travel


    Being a missionary carries a great cost, but does have some benefits. It is not all doom and gloom, complete with vows of poverty and poor fashion choices for clothing. In today’s day and age it is easy to benefit from one aspect of the missionary life. Frequent travel. The nature of missions involves being […]

  • The Value of One

    Flight path

    Our family recently returned to the United States for a furlough over the holiday season. Our trip from Cape Town to New York City went via Istanbul and was slated to take us about 34 hours from our home in South Africa to our family in Pennsylvania. On a long trip with children, you do […]

  • Avoiding the Middle Seat (and more travel tips)

    This week on NoSuperheroes, I am sharing some of the travel tips I have learned in 21 years of traveling to 39 nations. We’ve already covered loyalty to frequent flyer plans, finding the best flight deals,  and racking up airline miles. Here are a few more random tips: Avoiding the Middle Seat – The only reason […]