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Many writers desire a move into the realm of being a speaker. Some preachers decide to pick up the pen to extend their influence. Still others aspire to be a jack of all trades.

Is it possible to do both? Which one is more difficult, speaking or writing?

I have been speaking for over 15 years in various settings. Within the last few years I have made a foray into the world of writing. While attempting to exercise both sets of communication muscles, I have found writing the harder workout.

Speaking and writing use many of the same components, but in different measures. Here are a few of my observations:


By: Gavin Cockrell via Flckr.

1. Hooking your audience 

I Need Your Help…

August 15, 2012

From American youth groups to Madagascar to underground gatherings in China; the message of grace has carried a powerful impact in the lives of people I have been privileged to share it with.

For those who know me, you know this message is my One Big Thing.

I love to see many expressions of this teaching in the body of Christ. The more the better!

And I would like to see my part in this contribution reach a far greater audience.

I need your help to accomplish this.

As you know, my book Death of the Modern SuperHero : How Grace Breaks our Rules has been out for over one year. The early results have been wonderful.

(If you have not read the book find out how you can get a FREE copy at the end of this post!)