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We all feel it.

The relentless pull of more.

It affects us in our finances and material possessions. The new car, the upgraded cell phone, or just a bit more space in our home.

The pull compels us in our jobs. Reach for that new promotion, open a new branch of the ministry, or it encourages you to take the risk you really should not.

From the moment we are born, the pull of more affects all of us.

I see it in my parenting, prompting my kids to work a little harder or succeed (in my eyes) a bit more on the sports field.

Unknowingly, unwittingly we are creating achievement addicts.

As we turn our attention to our spiritual lives, the draw of more sucks us in like a black hole envelops stars.


By: liz west

Today I am reviewing Margaret Feinberg’s book, The Organic God. I have heard Margaret’s name for a number of years via social media as well as through co-workers, yet, I never managed to read her writings.

I’m glad this changed.

Margaret is an incredible writer. She crafts word pictures and uses stories to the fullest, illustrating the truths she is bringing to light.

I’ve already referenced her in one previous post, using her elaboration on a verse in Proverbs to talk of the “not so nice parts of our lives.”

In this book, she defines the Organic God as one we pursue, yet is mysterious. Unlike other mysteries which confuse or discourage, the mystery of God draws us into a deeper pursuit of Him

Organic vegetable Boxes

By: Andy Roberts

Today, NoSuperHeroes welcomes Darrell Vesterfelt, president of Prodigal Magazine.

Darrell recently published an Ebook entitled UNBLOGGER: Discovering the Power of Story in a ‘How-To’ World which core message will resonate with the NoSuperHeroes audience.


NoSuperHeroes: Darrell, tell us a little about yourself.

Darrell: I am just a normal guy. In the past couple of years, I have decided that I wanted a little more out of life. With my wife, I started an online publication called Prodigal Magazine. We have had some fun and success running this platform, taking it to over 100,000 monthly readers.dvest

NoSuperHeroes: What is the heart behind “UNBLOGGER”?

United We Build Ebook

May 2, 2013

Today is an exciting day at NoSuperHeroes.

I have just completed an EBook.

I would like to introduce to you: United We Build: Creating a Team Environment 

This book takes many of the principles I used to build my team here in South Africa and shows how these can be translated into any goal you desire to rally a team around. It is full of external resources and practical, challenging questions.

ebook amazon cover

Some of the topics covered are:

The Importance of Vision

The Creation of a Team Environment

Recruiting Team Members

Growing the Members of your Team

Enduring for the Long Haul

and much, much more….


Best of all…..


For a limited time, is is a mere 99 Cents!

This deal won’t last forever so go grab the Ebook. Share it with your friends!

Brand New

April 12, 2013

Fresh off the production floor from NoSuperHeroes is a brand new promo video for my book Death of the Modern Superhero: How Grace Breaks our Rules.

Take a look at the promo and share it with your friends.

Death Of The Modern Superhero  on Vimeo.

The book is selling better than I’d hoped at this stage and is being used in Bible schools, small groups, counseling ministries, seeker studies within JP Morgan Chase and even used to disciple converts from other religions!

One exciting development is the translation of the book into Dutch! Good things are happening as you help to spread the message of grace via NoSuperHeroes.

So keep reading. Keep sharing! And most of all, keep engaging in the dialogue around the message of grace!

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