Best of 2013 #3: Do You Hate Your Life? (at least parts of it)

December 28, 2013

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As 2013 winds down, I will be re-posting the top three original blog entries of this year. Included in the repost will be some fresh comments detailing why I believe these were so popular.

The third most popular post appears below in its entirety, followed by my updated thoughts.

Thanks for making 2013 a great year for NoSuperHeroes!


Much of the buzz in social media and the conference circuit is following your passions and dreams. The ideas of quitting your day job to do what you really would like, is highly prevalent. I’ve even blogged about the idea of finding the One Big Thing in your life.

I work in an organization which advocates encouraging people to walk in their passion and vision. This is fantastic, but we often struggle to have our volunteers serve in administration or the areas of infrastructure which are so essential. I’ve heard leaders proclaim, “I don’t do admin” or “I leave the multiple crisis to someone else.”

We’ve allowed the idea of “doing what we want 100% of the time” to permeate our culture.

Imagine if a parent only did what they enjoyed? Anyone out there just love changing diapers or packing school lunches?

(194/365) Just closing my eyes

By: Sarah

Margaret Feinberg, in the wonderfully written and articulate book The Organic God, alluded to this idea as she explored a passage from Proverbs.

Here is an excerpt from her book.
Recently I stumbled on this gold mine: “Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.” Proverbs 14:14 NASB

Written in a language of a farmer, this proverb offers a powerful business lesson: Sometimes work stinks, but keep it up because it will lead to profit.

While I love writing, I don’t enjoy some aspects. I would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than develop a book proposal or align footnotes in a manuscript. This Scripture insinuates that any job worth doing has its poopy parts – whether you’re a college student, a writer, a farmer, a minister, or an executive for a Fortune 500 company.”

How can we find contentment with the parts of our job we do not like?

Looking for 100% of what we love may not be realistic. There are seasons where our job may be to simply to pay the bills!

I’ve sat in prosperity laced messages in Ukraine urging attendees who wanted a better job to stand and receive their new job. I often wondered if it was already God’s blessing for them to have a job period. Perhaps they could find contentment in it. There were many in those meetings who would have taken the attendees old jobs!

Where is the balance?

I think there are two principles we can adhere to.

1. All of us have the ability to express ourselves in areas we feel passionate about or called to. This could be our full-time job or a way we exercise the gift of God through service.

2. No matter what we do on this planet, there will be “poopy” parts. Our careers, church, or family life have roles or jobs which are not our favorite.

This side of heaven, poop happens! It’s the product of living on a broken planet.

I’ve recently been a bit frustrated seeing more of my time going to things I do not enjoy as much. My goal cannot be a “poop” free existence. It can be to do more of what I am called to as I find contentment in everything under the sun. With God, all work has value.

What do you think?


New Comments

I think this resonates with so many people. We are so good at looking toward the perceived greener grass on the other side, we actually forget to enjoy the moment we are in, resulting in the feeling which says we hate life.

I for one and hugely guilty of this, as I believe are many others.

Our search for contentment is a never-ending journey. Sometimes we do poorly, other times we do well.

Sometimes a reminder of perspective helps to get us back on track when we lose the plot.

Why do you think this post struck such a chord with readers? 

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