Best of 2013 #1: Surviving in an Anti-God Society

December 30, 2013

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As 2013 winds down, I will be re-posting the top three original blog entries of this year. Included in the repost will be some fresh comments detailing why I believe these were so popular.

The third most popular post was: Do You Hate Your Life (at least parts of it)
The second most popular was: 8 Traits of Grace-Filled Leadership

and the most popular post of 2013 with fresh comments is……..Surviving in an Anti-God Society


The airwaves of social media are laden with the demise of America. Christians are seen mourning over election results and some are stocking up on guns.

The question of surviving in an increasingly anti-God society seems to come up often.

I recently finished teaching the book of Daniel, which also asks this question. Daniel was taken captive from Jerusalem to Babylon. He was indoctrinated with the culture and customs of Babylon in an attempt to strip him of his Jewish identity. Daniel was forced to serve in a horrible, pagan government.

How did he do it? This is worth a look into the life of an incredible man.

Daniel did the following:

– Remained true to his faith, even in the details. Seemingly small things like food laws became spiritual life for Daniel in the absence of public worship. (Dan. 1:8, Lev. 11)
– Walked out his faith in the midst of the pagans, praying daily. (Dan. 6;10)
– Worked hard – Daniel’s service earned him promotions. By the way, he was a government worker for 70 years!
– Trusted in God for opportunities to share his faith.
– Was faithful day in and day out for 70 years (there were a few headline events, but most were mundane service.)
– Walked in peace, knowing that God was still in control even though he could not see it.

Perhaps even more revealing is to note what he did not do:

– Protest or Picket the things he disagreed with.
– Surround himself in a “Christian bubble”, excluding the outside world.
– Wait for a Christian leader.
– Attempt to change laws to align with his morality.
– Stock up on weapons.
– Become a “hater”, or moan about how bad things have gotten.

(My point is not to criticize most of the above contemporary practices. I am merely noting Daniel did not engage in these.)

In light of Daniel’s life, I would like to encourage contemporary believers to follow his examples in 4 ways.

Gain perspective – When people feel like life is getting really difficult where they are from, I encourage them to get on a plane. A dose of perspective goes a long way in realizing things at home aren’t all that bad. Even as bad as it was in Babylon, Daniel knew it could be worse.

Be faithful – Rather than complaining about the government, be faithful to walk in Christian principles, even finding ways to serve. Let our lives speak more than our words.

Walk in peace which only comes through trusting in a God who is in control. True peace comes when we trust in God irregardless of the results.

Pray for governments and leaders more than your criticize. Enough said.

If you struggle in these areas, read through the book of Daniel again. There are countless predictions of suffering, but woven in is the message of God raising up kings and taking them down, but His kingdom remains. (Daniel 2:21-22)

It was this hope of the kingdom which enabled Daniel to be faithful for 70 years. His life, ministry, and walk with God were effective while being surrounded by an anti-God society. In my opinion, Daniel did not survive, he thrived.

How do you think we survive in an anti-God society?

New Comments: I believe this post struck a chord with many in North America and Europe who fear their cultures are quickly walking away from a past which had a closer association with Christian values. This will be true even in many parts of Africa. 

Many Christians seem to think it is their duty to demonize the government, rather than to serve it. Daniel is a fantastic example of someone who did not do this.

The challenge this article presents is whether or not we will allow the Word of God to change our perspective, or go on being doom and gloom believers. If this is a struggle, I strongly encourage you to get on a plane and visit another nation. You may find yourself more grateful than before the trip.

Why did this post strike such a nerve with readers? 

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