8 Benefits of Blogging from a Rookie

March 26, 2012

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Michael Hyatt wrote an article recently on the benefits of blogging.

When I saw this, I was excited and dismayed. Excited because Michael always has good things to say. Dismayed because I had the same idea in my blog lineup! Now everyone will think I rip off Michael Hyatt! Oh well.

Michael Hyatt has nearly 200,000 followers and over 1000 posts. As one of the industry leaders, his depth of learning is much greater than mine. His consistency of quality content is hard to match. Not only that, he is someone who is generous in passing on what has helped him. His blog is essential for any new blogger in the Christian or leadership arena.

What would a newbie say?

If you are like me, when I began, it is impossible to imagine publishing 1000 posts. You might wonder what it would be like to do a few posts; what would the benefits be?

Well, here you have it! The benefits of blogging from a newbie, a veteran of a whopping 59 posts. I started in late October 2011, with a goal of posting twice a week. I have a collection of ideas lined up, as well as receiving inspiration as I go through daily life. Here are few of the things I have learned after just a short period of blogging:

1. Blogging is great for personal processing. I used to sporadically journal. Now through blogging, I process my thoughts and emotions on a more regular basis

2. Seemingly ordinary events become learning opportunities. People and events I would have previously passed by, have become opportunities for deeper learning when I dwell on them for a blog post. I read and experience life differently.

3. Technology can build my “reach”. My ministry is not limited to South Africa or the places I travel. I regularly have readers from as far away as Kuwait, Thailand, and Russia.

4. Greater ability to learn. Along with my reach, blogging affects my depth. Through interaction and engagement with blogs and bloggers, I grow as a person.

5. I’ve become a better writer. While completing the second edition for my book, Death of the Modern Superhero, I have found the routine of writing has sharpened my skills. The second edition will be more readable than the first.

     Point 5 1/2. Generosity. In case you missed it, blogging has given me the chance to GIVE AWAY my book. Have a look at the guest post and giveaway I am ran at “Life Overseas“. Some very lively discussion was sparked as well!

6. Networking with a lot of kind, helpful people. Tips and suggestions flow from the blogging community.

7. Inspires me to read even more. Already and avid reader, it has increased my desire for reading and the amount of books and articles I consume.

8. Showed me something I really enjoy and never knew it.

I look forward to deeper, Michael Hyatt like, revelations as I continue on this path. After only a few short months, I have seen the fruit in my life and the lives of others.

What benefits do you find in blogging or reading the work of others around the world? 

Photo by andyp uk at Creative Commons by Flckr.

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