The Secret to Success in 2012

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Happy New Year!

This time of year is often used for setting goals. However, many endeavors fail before the end of the first month! Largely, this is because the goals we set are unobtainable.

As I considered 2012, I was struck by the number 12.

In the Bible, this often is a symbol for the church. You have twelve tribes, twelve apostles, and the book of Revelation is filled with this number. Heaven is described with 12 gates and 12 different jewels. From cover to cover, the Bible speaks of the people of God in terms of 12.

The season we have just left has the 12 days of Christmas. Why twelve? I’m not sure, but it is catchy.

In football, we have the 12th man that represents the influence the noise of the fans can have on a game at a stadium. Seattle has even retired this number in honor of the advantage the crowd gives them in their home games.

Since twelve is such a catchy, influential number; I thought I would do 12 simples things for ’12.

How do we get what we want? How can we meet all our resolutions?

Keep it simple.

Not big unobtainable goals.
Not things that are merely wishful thinking.
But 12 simple words, phrases, or themes to focus on for 2012.

These are not resolutions or even “measurable” goals. These are things to emphasize or principles to guide us.

Here are my 12 Simple Things for 2012:
1. Spend more time doing what I love.
2. Enjoy my children’s childhood before it is gone.
3. Laugh.
4. See the positive in things.
5. Assume less.
6. Judge less.
7. Appreciate unique differences more.
8. Do things because I want to serve, not out of guilt.
9. Truly Relax regularly.
10. Love my wife like I am still trying to catch her.
11. Listen to ideas of others.
12. Dream.

Will you join me for 12 in ’12?

Make the goals whatever you want, but keep it simple Let’s share with each other, hold one another accountable, and most of all learn from each other.

Let’s make 2012 be significant.

We are not merely victims or products of what happens in the world around us, we are journeying with the God of the Universe. He can challenge us to think on such things and bring change in our lives through the course of the year. His Grace is what trains us!

Let’s be intentional, not retentional. (Is that a word?)
Let’s be proactive not inactive.
Let’s be forward thinking, not backward reacting.

In light of this, what are your 12 simple thoughts for ’12?
Please share and let’s learn together.